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Website Maintenance at $129/month

With our all-in-one website maintenance and marketing solution, you can be assured that your website and your product feeds are updated and maintained monthly. We update your website, update your product feeds, offer 2 hours of technical support/month and 2 hours of marketing support/month. You will also have access to hundreds of eCommerce and Dropship suppliers. As part of our montly marketing support, we will alert you about new marketing techniques, SEO tactics, best practices & more. This way, you can make sure that you stay on top of the latest eCommerce marketing techniques. 

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Website Maintenance

Effective and productive websites require regular website maintenance service, updates, and the occasional fix and repair. Technologies improve, work-flows change, and security is constantly in flux.


  • Website and Template Updates 

  • Includes 2 hours of Web Maintenance and/or technical support (changing out pictures, content, etc.)

  • Fixing 404 errors 

  • Adding/changing contact forms (once/month) 

Datafeed Updates

One of the most important things running a successful eCommerce Store, is to update products on your site. Whenever your supplier/vendor updates your lists, we will update the datafeed on your store to make sure all the product information is up to dat. (inventory, new products, etc.) Our plan includes up to 3 datafeed updates/month.  

Marketing Support

To bring qualified, targeted shoppers to your eCommerce store is the MOST important goal of your eCommerce Strategy. With our eCommerce Maintenance package you also receive 2 hours of monthly marketing and social media marketing support. Collect all of your questions, schedule a phone call with one of our Marketing experts and get all of your questions answered. 

SEO & Marketing Resources

As a part of our monthly maintenance package, we will provide you with information on the newest SEO & marketing techniques. You will receive up to 2 “How-to” Tutorials/month. These tutorials focus on topics such as “how to improve your website ranking”, “how to write keyword heavy content”, “how to utilize social media postings to drive traffic”, etc. 

Call us for additional information 888-204-3809 

We are here to help!

We know this stuff can be difficult. That is why we are here. Feel free to give us a call at 888-204-3809 and we’ll help from A-Z or contact us for a quote and to get access to our resource center. From here you can view design templates, pricing, backend screenshots, functionalities, datafeeds, design examples, and a sample list of our dropship providers and products. 

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