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16 Top-Rated Customer Service Apps for Shopify Stores

Think about the last time you received great customer service. The experience probably formed much of your impression of the company as a whole. Along with the product or service you purchased, how you were treated during the transaction and communication probably impacted your decision to purchase from that company again.

Customer service matters— just ask our gurus.

As a small business owner, customer service is doubly important. New businesses that haven’t built up wide brand recognition or trust rely on each and every customer interaction to generate reviews and referrals.

You’re already managing every aspect of your business, from product photography to social marketing to packing and shipping. Devoting time to personally connect with your customers can be a challenge. In the Shopify App Store, however, there are more than 90 apps dedicated to simplifying and automating your customer interactions.

These apps integrate with your Shopify store to enable live chat, help gather feedback, and reward and delight your customers. We’ve listed pricing options (many are free to try), and links to live Shopify stores using the apps.

Try these 16 top-rated customer service apps for your Shopify store:

Customer Service Apps

Customer Service Apps

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a leader in customer service, used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Their integration with Shopify allows merchants to embed powerful Zendesk functionality—Help Center, Chat, or Tickets—directly into their stores. The app has the ability to scale with your growing business.

Cost: From $19/month


Gauge customer happiness with, a polling tool that allows your customers to rate their satisfaction with your service. Embed your ratings on your site and use the data to help you improve the customer experience.

Cost: Free up to 100 surveys/month (tiered pricing plans)

16 Top Customer Service Apps

Chat Apps

3. Facebook Chat by Beeketing

Most of your customers are likely already communicating via Facebook regularly—allow them to use the social network to chat with you directly on your store. Because your customers are using their Facebook profiles, the experience is personal, and you can learn more about the people who shop with you. The conversation is then saved in a Facebook chat, allowing customers to easily revisit it.

Cost: Free

See it in action: Out of the Hutch, powered by Shopify

16 Top Customer Service Apps on Shopify

4. Tidio Live Chat

Let your customers know when you are online, and chat with them live using Tidio. Other features include: automated prompt messages (“Hi, how can I help you?”), translation into the customer’s language, and an offline contact form when you are not able to chat live.

Cost: Free – $12/month

See it in action: Pure Living Space, powered by Shopify

16 Top Customer Service Apps

Form and Survey Apps

5. Easy Contact Form

This free tool allows you to create a simple and customized contact form to your Shopify store with no coding necessary. Opt to embed the form on your contact page or use a pop up linked from a tab on your website.

Cost: Free (premium paid options available)

See it in action: Cool Material and Canadian National Fabric (below), powered by Shopify

16 Top Customer Service Apps

16 Top Customer Service Apps

6. Survey

What are your customers thinking? Do they like you? What products would they like to see in your store? How happy were they with your unboxing experience? You’ll never know unless you ask. Use’s free Survey app to poll to collect feedback and help you improve your business. A premium paid option allows additional fields.

Cost: Free

16 Top Customer Service Apps on Shopify

Return and Exchange Apps

7. Return Magic

Enable an easy returns flow, allowing your customers to submit return requests right on your website. Return Magic’s portal can be custom branded, the design integrating with your Shopify store theme seamlessly.

Cost: Free 14-day trial, tiered pricing plans

16 Top Customer Service Apps

8. Exchange It

Integrate exchange processing into your regular workflow, and manage exchange orders directly from Shopify. This is an ideal app for apparel stores with a higher volume of exchange requests due to fit and size issues.

Cost: $9.99/month

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